Jonathan Yen

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Revolution on the Hudson

Using his expressive baritone to great advantage, narrator Jonathan Yen energetically recounts the struggle for control of the Hudson River Valley during the American Revolution.
. . . Yen's consistent, clear voice never misses a beat, and he affects credible and unique voices and accents for quotes that add to the narrative. His performance is nearly flawless, allowing the listener to easily comprehend the text.
- -AudioFile Magazine

Real Food, Fake Food

Yen deftly handles the required accents as author Olmsted travels around the world--from French vineyards to Italian cheese caves, Japanese beef farms, and California olive groves - - explaining the importance of terroir and the differences between authentic foods and the readily available, insufficiently labeled knockoffs found in American markets and restaurants. - - AudioFile Magazine

The Apache Wars

Jonathan Yen's baritone does well in narrating this history of the quarter-century-long struggle for control of the American Southwest.  . . . Yen is consistent in reading narrative with an expressive and clear voice that works well. He affects a different voice for quotes that is effective but not all that different from his narrative voice. All of it is done with great verve and energy, making for an enjoyable listening experience.
- - AudioFile Magazine

Life And Death In The Andes

Jonathan Yen’s narration . . . is outstanding. Yen’s finely tuned attention to pronunciation, languages, accents and characterization brings this book to life and lands the listener directly in the Andes Mountains amidst the Incas, rebels, archaeologists, evolutionists, and fallen virgin maidens sacrificed to appease the gods. - -


The Guise of Another

Jonathan Yen ... delivered a suspenseful cautionary cat and mouse performance with a wide range of voices—and an intense cast of characters! To further enhance your overall experience, highly recommend the audio version. Was so glued to my iPod, each time I was interrupted; quickly rewinding--you do not want to miss a thing. - -

The Acolyte

Jonathan Yen’s narration is pitch-perfect for the tone of this book. He has a gritty, almost-gravely, style that lends itself beautifully to the first-person noir elements that are pervasive in Cutter’s writing, giving the book a sort of L.A. Confidential by way of religious fundamentalism vibe. Murtag is a straight Joe Friday-type, and Yen voices the Just The Facts, Ma’am sensibility wonderfully, but also adopts some natural voice-work for ancillary characters, with his performance of The Quints, a murderous batch of quintuplets, suitably scary and effective. - -

Exit Papers from Paradise

Jonathan Yen’s narration makes this witty, one-of-a-kind character real.
- - Audible Editor review

A Touch of Infinity

A striking marriage of performance and storytelling, these satirical sci-fi vignettes from Howard Fast are provided insightful character acting by versatile baritone Jonathan Yen. Yen’s distinct and perceptive role-playing lends personality, authenticity, and compassion to these kitchen-sink catastrophes. - - Audible Editor review